About Us

About Us

Our Vision

Dream It, Develop It, Deliver It

Trumpet Marketing Technologies, Inc. dreams up high tech solutions to ineffective promotions, uses various technologies to develops these high tech solutions, and then delivers these quality services and tools for effective promotion. These marketing and promotion tools are perfect for you as business owners, social media marketers, venues, promoter, groups, entertainers, individuals, content creators, or organizations to easily market yourself effectively to your target audience. Our vision is to become the leading marketing and promotion technology development company in the region. Using innovative ideas, we provide best in class solutions!

Our Mission

Trumpet Marketing Technologies, Inc. develops proprietary hybrid marketing systems for online or offline promotions that combine the benefits from traditional marketing methods and web technologies commonly found online. These tools create a unique experience that aides in the effective promotion of businesses, products, persons, groups, goods, information, and services. Our tools collect measurable analytics, allow anonymous communications, and distribute digital content that you control to people directly on their WiFi enabled mobile devices while on the go. In addition to the aforementioned we also develop various forms of marketing software for social media, mobile and desktop. Our mission is to improve marketing and promotion techniques.

Work Team

The team at Trumpet Marketing Technologies, Inc. is made up of a collective of diverse individuals with various skill sets. The Trumpet Marketing Team treats each other with mutual respect regardless of gender, nationality, or background. We are skilled in and provide a wide array of products, goods, and services with a focus on quality first, so we believe in fairness and transparency.

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